The UG programme BCA (Mobile Applications and Cloud Technology) comprises complementary course Mathematics and vocational course Cloud Technology. The main objective of this programme is to inculcate and horn up the skills of young minds in new generation technologies to compete in the knowledge era. This unique course provides dual career options for the students in the fast growing technology sectors of Mobile Applications and Cloud Technology. In addition to all the mandatory subjects of a traditional BCA, this specialized course offers in-depth practical know-how of the latest technology trends Mobile Applications and Cloud Technology. These sectors have the potential to grow exponentially and will provide challenging job opportunities for young professionals with the right skill sets. On the Cloud Technology front, the course provides the students the fundamental knowledge of all aspects of Cloud Technology.

At the end of the programme a student should be able to: 

  1. Apply the theoretical foundations of computer science in modelling and developing solutions to complex and real-world problems.
  2. Comprehend, explore and build computer programs and applications in allied areas like Algorithms, Multimedia, Web Design and Android; efficiently designing computer-based systems that meet the needs of industry and society.
  3. Develop skills in Android and cloud technology development so as to employment or self- employment in the global technical market.
  4. Apply knowledge of layered network models, protocols, technologies, topologies and security policies for building network and internet-based applications.


Plus two – Science with Mathematics

Higher Studies:

MSc Computer Science, MCA, MSc Data Science, MSc Cyber Security, MSc Mobile Applications, MSc Cloud Technology

Job Opportunities:

Software engineer, UI Engineer, Software Engineer / Developer, Web developer, Software Tester, Mobile App developer, Cloud developer, Data Center Technician

Syllabus and Curriculum