Heartian Policies

Our policies are drafted in such a way that they guide the heartian community towards the vision and mission of the college. They form guiding principles for individuals as well as the entire community covering all aspects of their life at the college. We belive that they would enrich the lives of all heartians and the people whom they come in contact with.


Environment Policy

The initiatives of Sacred Heart College are devoted to champion the conservation and promotion of life on earth. It maintains a positive attitude towards sustainable development and encourages its members to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle and construct an environment congenial to a healthy living for the future generations.

The College follows  a “Go Green and Grow Green” policy. As a practice it adheres to the GREEN PROTOCOL advocated by the Government of Kerala to collaborate with Swachch Bharath Abhiyan

It seeks to spread and strengthen the awareness on different subjects relating to the environment and humankind among academic community and neighbourhood.

The college pays considerable attention to minimize the production of waste in the campus and thereby advice the officials administering various programmes/ activities/ celebrations to restrain from using disposable products and flex banners.

The College has a policy on recycling to be put into practice at the student level through entrepreneurship development cell and also plans to establish a paper recycling unit.

The College has already started tapping renewable energy resources and intends to introduce water recycling by 2020.

Promotes farming of organic vegetables on and off the campus.

Supports and protects diversity, especially of indigenous and coastal flora and fauna and also work for their documentation.